Promotional Selfie Sticks Make Great Branded Gifts.

You know how much fun a selfie stick is don't you?

It seems that no product escapes the opportunity to promote a company's logo and the more fun the promotional item is the more fun the perception of the brand. That can only be a positive for your branding.

What can be more fun than a selfie stick? The company name and logo appears on the handle so it is very easily seen. What's more, if you go for a custom selfie stick the moulding at the top of the handle is custom made into the shape of your logo or any shape you choose and you can't get better branding than that.

Logo Branded Selfie Sticks

The brilliance of the Selfie Stick

There is nothing wrong with a little vanity and the selfie stick has also been called a narcisstick or even "Wand of Narcissus" by journalist with nothing better to write about and serious people who hope to elevate themselves as social commentators. But if presidents and prime ministers can press their heads together for a selfie then you can see how a selfie stick can focus a groups attention and then obvious question becomes "where did you get that selfie stick from?".  

Selfie videos too

Put your camera into video mode in an incredible place and spin around to show the panoramic backdrop. When a reporter stumbles upon an interesting subject for interview, whip out the selfie stick and start filming. They are also very handy for marketers to make up a quick video to post to YouTube.

The mechanics of a promotional selfie stick

These selfie sticks have a metal telescoping pole just like a telescopic car aerial with a handle on one end and a clamp at the the other end which is an adjustable holder that it grips the smart phone, ipod or any device with an inbuilt camera. When extended you can get many heads into the shot or show yourself with a backdrop to show off your location. "Look Ma, the Eiffel Tower!". Put your camera into video mode in an incredible place and spin around to show the panoramic backdrop.

Some have cables that trigger the camera shot via the headphone audio jack of the mobile phone by mimicking the on-cord controls which the phone detects as volume or mute for phone conversation.

Others use bluetooth wireless technology which can be triggered either with a button on the handle or a remote bluetooth button device. The bluetooth selfie stick usual costs more than the cable version.

If your mobile device won't allow its camera shutter to trigger with a cable or bluetooth it can still be used with the camera delay timer. Though it's not quite so easy, as you can imagine.

Technical bods call a selfie stick a monopod since unlike a tripod it has only one leg. Normally a photographer's monopod is convenient because it is smaller than a tripod and although it needs holding up it adds stability and reduces camera shake so you get a clearer photograph. The same applies to a selfie stick. Holding a mobile phone out on an extended pole means that so long as you are not swinging it around any shaking of your hand doesn't transfer to the camera.

Note that you might see some selfie sticks for cameras (non mobile phones) and they have a mirror at the back which lets you see the cameras rear facing display which is pointing away from you. They are more for photographers and we don't have any of that type for sale. All our selfie sticks are lightweight so they can can easily be carried around.

A new angle on taking pics

The idea from aficionados it that you have to angle your smart phone slightly away from the pole so that it does not show up in the image. You would hold the handle away from you so that the selfie stick handle or the pole was not in shot. In that case your arm would still show as extended so there is no way around that. Yes, it looks better without the pole but let's not be too critical. It adds to the informal atmosphere.

Is it a Reachie?

We notice that some call the selfie stick a reachie stick or simply reachie. That's more to with using it when your "self" is not in shot. For example if you want to take a picture of something that you cannot see from where you are standing because it is out of reach then reach for your reachie. Suppose you are at a gig and you want a shot of the stage without the sea of heads getting too close to the camera. Now it makes sense.

Selfie Sticks

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