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British Promotional Merchandise Association Accredited BPMA

Promotional Rubiks Products for Corporate Gifts and Logo Branded Items.

Genuine products made by Rubik that are company logo branded as promotional gifts for a fun way to promote business. The coloured labels on the Rubik's Cube are replaced with full colour digital print labels of your own design.

Iconic Rubik's Style Encapsulated

These logo printed business gifts are instantly recognisable for the Rubik's Cube 3D Puzzle that has compulsively entertained millions since its invention in 1974.

Not only can you have a Rubik's Cube printed with your own design for promoting your business but we also have power banks, USB sticks and touch stylus pens which are useful as well as fun.

Crazy Dave maintains that branding should be fun and these provide a new twist to promotional products.

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    Promotional Rubiks Products

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