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Flat Character USB Stick PXK651

Save this one for later & save a Piccy.

  • Flat Character USB Stick

    Flat Character USB Stick with cap removed

  • A selection of Character USB Sticks

    A selection of Character USB Sticks

  • A selection of Character USB Sticks

    A selection of Character USB Sticks

  • Doctor USB stick

    One of the Doctor versions

  • USB stick character in a windowed box

    Windowed box included

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For PXK651 memory sizes are 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB


100 different characters, plus your custom design.

We have a hundred characters for different professions and if your dream character does not exist, we can create it for free.

Customisable front and back with lifelike photo from 50 pieces.

Available with or without feet.

USB 2.0 for fast transfers up to 18 MB/s read speed and 5 MB/s write speed.

Product Code:PXK651
Flash Memory Sizes:1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
Dimensions:60 x 20 x 9mm
Print dimensions:49 x 21mm front and back.
Packaging:Delivered in window box.
Delivery:15 day turnaround
Min Order Qty:50
Category: USB Flash Drives

Two dimensional rubber based custom USB drive examples

Bespoke USB examples ideal for the music business

Character USB sticks build your image with your clients.

Offbeat and fun creative usb sticks.

Rapid turnaround two dimensional custom USB shapes, 5-7 working days.