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British Promotional Merchandise Association Accredited BPMA

Custom power banks with a bespoke shape and your company logo.

Using a custom power bank with your unique shape design you go beyond your competitors who customise a power bank by printing a logo onto commonly available power banks.

You set your brand apart because there is nothing quite as eye catching and memorable as a bespoke promotional gift that embodies the essence of your business into a custom shaped power bank. It cannot fail to impress.

Custom made to your design these power banks are fashioned out of a rubber molding in two or three dimensions with your company logo standing out in relief looking very special.

Promotional Power Banks

Customised Power Banks

Also see our range of customised power banks that includes logo printing on well known styles and some pretty eye-catching variations. There is a tremendous choice to suit all budgets so please take a look.

Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a power bank. What's your shape?

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