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Branded Face Masks

Getting back to work during the current crisis is a challenge for employers and for many businesses issuing face masks in the workplace is a necessary precaution against the spread of germs.

A branded face mask that carries your company logo provides a way of ensuring that staff have protection that meets a standard that you can control rather than relying on the employee to choose a one that might not sufficiently protect them.

Your branding on a company face mask shows that you have the welfare of staff in mind and reminds them that you support their team.

Washable face masks last longer and will therefore be economic over the many months that the current situation will affect business even when restrictions are relaxed and things begin to return to normal. Over the next year or more you could be required to provide protective face coverings for your workers so a good stock at the outset will reduce repeat purchases.

Promotional Face Masks

With the population at large looking for face masks we see many posts about be creative with fabrics and there is an opening for promotional face masks to boost your brand visibility which is especially useful at a time when economic activity is at a low. The face mask provides a highly visible branding surface on which you can also print a message of hope to show you care.

We supply company face masks for your workforce branded with your corporate identity for personal protection of your staff returning to work.

Company Branded Face Coverings or Unprinted

Our RPL20 is full colour logo printed which makes them especially good for company workers in public facing roles. Also as face masks become common place there's an opportunity for them to become branded giveaways. It contains a KN95 spec filter within it.

Our IS08 is called a respirator face mask and it meets the KN95 specification which means it complies with China's GB2626-2006 standard for disposable respirators.

Mostly known for company branded products we are also providing unprinted plain stock disposable face masks for business use as workplace PPE and general use.

FFP2 spec face mask

They are designed to be used for personal care when out and about in public while shopping, travelling on public transport or the workplace.

FFP2 is a European spec and it means Filtration Facepiece 2 and comply with EN149:2001 and A1:2009 standards. They provide a filtration level better or equal to 94% for foreign particle measuring up to 0.6 micro metres.

  • Company branded face masks

    Company branded face masks

Stuck for Choice?

With KN95 and FFP2 specifications you might have difficulty deciding which you should buy. However the actual performance of each is very much the same so it really comes down to which you prefer the look of.

Company Logo Face Masks

Plain Stock Face Masks