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Branded USB Sticks & Promotional Flash Drives

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    Branded USB Sticks

USB sticks are perfect promotional gifts.

A Branded USB stick is the most versatile and effective promotional giveaway around. USB flash drives endure as a logo branded gift because its spare memory space is useful and it can store your promotional material which you can lock to prevent it being removed.

If you want to distribute your promotional materials or other documents for reading on a device then USB sticks make the perfect storage device. It makes sense to brand them since the option of printing your company logo is included in the price. Forget your printed brochures!

Smaller memory sizes are cheaper but these days the difference in price between sizes at the lower end are small. It's worth thinking about going for the next size up so that your client or business prospect gets more use out of it.

Twister, Swivel, Swing & Rotate USB Drives

  • Best Seller

    Twister USB stick

    Twister USB stick CPU17


    These are the famous Twister USB sticks also known as Swivel or Rotate. The metal rotating guard can be logo printed using silk screen, transfer print or laser engraving over a 25mm x 13mm area.

  • 6 Day, Low Price

    Twister USB stick

    e-Twister Black USB Stick CPD17B


    In black this faster turnaround twister can be branded using silk screen print, transfer print or laser engraving over a 25mm x 12.6mm area on its 360 degree metal rotating guard.

  • Pantone Body

    USB drives

    USB drives CPU17P


    A rotating shield USB stick with a rubber feel plastic body in any Pantone colour to match your company branding whilst the metal has a logo print area 25 x 13mm.

  • Wood

    Eco Swing Wood USB Drive CPU118

    Eco Swing Wood USB Drive CPU118


    A rotating guard USB stick made from wood or bamboo with a large area of 60 x 18mm for your logo printing in silk screen or full colour or laser engraved.

We call these Twister USB sticks but you might also know them as Rotate/Rotator, Swivel or Swing USB Drives or even Pen Drives.

The Twister USB is the most popular USB Flash Drive in our whole range by far. They have twistable swivel covers which protect the USB connector and the covers stay attached so there is no cap to lose. That makes them especially good for schools. For most models these twister lids are metal and some have very attractive coloured metal to match the plastic body.

Metal USB Drives

  • Compact Metal USB Stick

    Metal USB Stick CPD42


    A sleek metal USB stick design without a cap. Dust proof, water proof and perfect for attaching to a keyring on phone string. Branding 17.5 x 9mm on 2 sides in full colour print or laser engraved.

    Express available 7 working days

  • USB Engraved stainless steel

    USB Engraved stainless steel CPU78


    This stainless steel USB stick can be silk screen printed, transfer printed or laser engraved with your company logo in an area of 30mm x 15mm.

  • Metal USB Keyring

    Metal USB Keyring CPU280


    A metal encapsulated USB stick with a large keyring, hook clip and logo printed body. A slider on the side allows the USB connector to retract for protection.

  • Brushed silver metal USB

    Brushed silver metal USB CPU37


    This slim metal USB memory stick with brushed metal finish can be logo engraved or silk printed over an area of 30 x 10mm on the front and 28 x 10mm on the rear.

  • Slide USB stick flash drive

    Slide USB stick flash drive CPD08


    A USB flash drive with a 29 x 10mm full colour print logo with a domed acrylic layer in a metal and plastics body with a slide out USB connector.

Key Shape USB Drives.

  • USB Key Bulk buy

    USB Key Bulk buy CPF34



    A slim and neat metal key shaped USB stick printed in up to 4 stop colours or engraved on each side with your company logo in a 21 x 13mm area. Body colours Black, Blue, Green, Red, Silver.

  • Key shaped USB stick

    Key shaped USB stick CPU149


    These silver metal key shaped USB Sticks have a shiny metal or satin sheen finish and can be laser engraved or logo printed using silk screen or full colour print.

  • or Engraved USB Key

    Printed or Engraved USB Key CPD06


    Ultra strong chromed metal USB keys that can be laser engraved or full colour digital printed 41 x 19mm on one or both sides. Delivered 6 working days from artwork approval.

  • Bottle Opener USB Drive

    Bottle Opener USB Drive CPU145


    A silver metal USB stick bottle opener with logo printing as silk screen, full colour and laser engraved.

Pens with USB Drives.

  • Pen USB stick

    Pen USB stick CPD12


    With a storage capacity of 128 MB to 64 GB this is absolutely is the ultimate combination of a conventional promotional ballpoint pen and a USB stick with a logo print area of 66.5 x 5mm on the barrel of the pen.

    Only 6 working days delivery

Leather USB Drives.

  • Leather memory stick CPU16

    Leather memory stick CPU16


    These Natural Leather USB memory sticks can have your company logo of 28mm x 10mm silk screen printed, hot stamped, embossed or laser engraved. A fold over loop protects the USB connector and the other end has a leather loop for fitting to a keyring.

  • Leather USB memory CPU63

    Leather USB memory CPU63


    These natural leather USB flash memory sticks have a large branding area of 45mm x 18mm for silk screen print, hot stamp, laser engraved or embossing. A fold over flap protects the USB connector and the other end has a metal loop for fitting to a keyring.

  • Leather USB flash drive CPU23

    Leather USB flash drive CPU23


    These leather USB flash drives can be silk screen printed, hot stamped, embossed or laser engraved with your company logo over an area of 30mm x 10mm. A metal cover for the USB connector is threaded with a leather flat that slip through a hoop like a belt.

Novelty USB sticks

  • Bullet USB Stick

    Bullet USB Stick CPC15


    This golden Bullet USB Stick is a substantial metal USB stick with a keyring as an option. The bullet tip unscrews to reveal the USB connector which is otherwise sealed.

  • Liquid Filled USB Stick

    Liquid Filled USB Stick CPU130


    This is a novelty liquid filled USB stick containing water and blue coloured oil which forms oil bubbles when shaken. There is also a jolly fish drifting around in the end of the body. The silk screen print area is 40mm x 14mm

  • LED illuminated USB Flash Drive

    LED illuminated USB Flash Drive CLI50


    A flash drive featuring LED illuminated branding to make your company logo shine. Engraving area of 44mm x 12mm reveals the LED area beneath. Body colours are white, black, blue, orange, green with memory storage of 2GB to 16GB.

    4 weeks delivery

  • Lipstick USB Stick

    Lipstick USB Stick CPC03


    This rubber Lipstick custom USB stick is a good example for our Novelty range but it is actually a custom designed USB stick. The logo in indented in the body.

  • Heart USB flash drive

    Heart USB flash drive CPU20


    A heart shaped USB flash drive with silk print or transfer print logo printing over a 17mm x 6mm area. Memory sizes range from 128MB to 64GB.

  • Football USB Drive CPU48

    Football Novelty USB Drive CPU48


    A USB Stick in the shape of a Football with a small keyring loop and a 10mm x 10mm logo print area for silk screen or transfer print.

  • Drinks Can CPU71

    Drinks Can USB Stick CPU71


    Here is a USB stick in the shape of a fizzy drinks can with a keyring loop. Your logo can be printed over an area of 31mm x 10mm.

  • Truck flash drive CPU87

    Truck flash drive CPU87


    These USB flash drives are in the shape of a truck where the cabin section slides off to reveal the USB connector. Your company logo printed in silk screen or transfer print over an area of 51 x 8mm.

  • Airplane memory stick CPC93

    Airplane memory stick CPC93


    This inexpensive and easily made custom USB stick is in the shape of an Airliner. One of our popular bespoke 2 dimensional flash drives.

  • Wine Bottle CPU95

    Wine Bottle USB Drive CPU95


    A USB memory stick in the shape of a bottle, printed with a logo is sure to find situations where it causes a favorable and fun response. Standard colours are black, white, silver, red and blue.

  • Light-Up USB Stick

    Light-Up USB Stick CPF48


    Plug this Light-Up USB Stick into a device and your company logo is illuminated. Light Colour options: Blue, Green, Red, White. Logo Area: 15 x 10mm front, 50 x 15mm rear.

    Price guide for 250 qty £4.21 each

  • Santa Claus USB Stick MK504

    Santa Claus USB Stick MK504


    USB flash drive in soft rubber with a 3D shape inspired by Father Christmas. It is equipped with a customisable cap holder with a relief reproduction of your logo branding. It is the ideal gadget or Christmas present.

    15 working days delivery

  • Reindeer USB Stick MK503

    Reindeer USB Stick MK503


    Rudolf the red nosed reindeer USB flash drive in soft rubber with a 3D shape. Your logo is in relief on the cap holder that slots into the reindeer body which is the USB cap.

    15 working days delivery

  • Snow Man USB Stick MK501

    Snow Man USB Stick MK501


    The Snowman USB flash drive in soft rubber with a 3D shape. On the ball-link chain there is a plug for your branding and it attaches to the snowmans body when removed from the USB connector.

    15 working days delivery