Branded USB Sticks & Promotional Flash Drives

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    Branded USB Sticks

USB sticks are perfect promotional gifts.

A Branded USB stick is the most versatile and effective promotional giveaway around. USB flash drives endure as a logo branded gift because its spare memory space is useful and it can store your promotional material which you can lock to prevent it being removed.

If you want to distribute your promotional materials or other documents for reading on a device then USB sticks make the perfect storage device. It makes sense to brand them since the option of printing your company logo is included in the price. Forget your printed brochures!

Smaller memory sizes are cheaper but these days the difference in price between sizes at the lower end are small. It's worth thinking about going for the next size up so that your client or business prospect gets more use out of it.

Twister, Swivel, Swing & Rotate USB Drives

We call these Twister USB sticks but you might also know them as Rotate/Rotator, Swivel or Swing USB Drives or even Pen Drives.

The Twister USB is the most popular USB Flash Drive in our whole range by far. They have twistable swivel covers which protect the USB connector and the covers stay attached so there is no cap to lose. That makes them especially good for schools. For most models these twister lids are metal and some have very attractive coloured metal to match the plastic body.

Metal USB Drives

Key Shape USB Drives.

Pens with USB Drives.

Leather USB Drives.

Novelty USB sticks