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Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks are portable rechargeable battery packs for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and we have a great selection for you to choose from. We offer a great choice of portable chargers for mobiles, tablets and laptops, for buying in bulk and printed with your company logo.

These branded power banks are occasionally called power block chargers, power sticks or charging sticks and they are exceedingly popular as branded phone chargers.

The power bank or powerbank is an extremely popular promotional giveaway, logo printed to give to business prospects, clients and employees. They are versatile as branded gifts because they can be used with a variety of portable devices and with their included mini universal cables with iPhone and mini USB connectors they are especially useful as mobile phone chargers.

Don't forget to order a free sample from Crazy Dave, the go-to home of UK branded and promotional power banks, supplying worldwide.

Usually they include Micro USB connectors and often adaptor cables to connect to specific smartphone types like iPhone and Samsung.

The full range of logo branding options are available from economical pad printing to full colour digital print on power banks with large flat surfaces and we give a guide below.

These mobile device accessories are rechargeable Lithium batteries in a sealed case with charging control circuits and they are rated in mAh (milliamp hours), just like the battery in your cellphone. Some come with LED torches and others are like lipstick cases.

They have a USB power connector and usually a mini USB output that you would connect using the USB charging cable supplied with your phone and some come with connector adaptor cables for all device types and that makes your promotional item popular with everyone.

Closely related promotional products

Xoopar Lighting Power Banks and Charging Gadgets

The famous Xoopar retail brand is available as logo branded promotional gifts. Instead of the illuminated Xoopar logo in these examples your own logo appears lit up with LED light. Xoopar Squid power banks have soft suckers to conveniently attach to mobile phones.

Cellularline Power Banks

Cellularline is a top quality retail brand for technology products with a suave Italian style and we make these available as logo branded promotional gifts.

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Custom Shaped Power Banks

Custom means Bespoke. Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a power bank. What's your shape?

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Logo branding print methods for power banks

Spot colour printing or solid colour.

An ink is made up to the colour you require and it is applied to the body using offset litho where the ink goes from a metal plate to a rubber roller which is rolled over the body of the power bank.

It's the simplest and cheapest method for one standard colour from a stock range. Spot colour printing allows up to four colours.

Pantone solid colour logo printing.

Spot colour solid printing can use Pantone colours to match your business logo. In this case your colour choice is made into an ink which is made up from Pantone inks and the solid colour print method is used.

Four colour print process (CMYK), process colours, 4/c process.

Tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined next to each other so the eye is fooled into seeing other colours.

By varying the percentage of each of those colours, thousands of colours can be produced and this method is suitable for reproducing photographs or photorealistic and sophisticated logos without the expense of more than four printing plates.

Pad printing or tampo printing

Pad printing applies a spot colour or four colour process inks from a sponge pad and is useful for curved surfaces when offset litho won't work.

Full colour digital printing

Full colour digital printing is a modern and versatile method of applying ink without transferring from an intermediate surface like a roller or plate. The colours are richer than with the more labourious CMYK Pad Printing and the photorealistic images allow great detail for complex corporate logos.

Full colour digital printing is 4 Colour Digital Printing Process or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) using ink jet technology plus UV curing (ultra violet light) that is so accurate that single droplets of different colour inks a tenth of a millimetre in diameter can be printed directly on top of another. Millions of colour shades can be printed in one process and the UV curing process fixes the ink so that there's no drying time and no need for a protective laminate.

A big advantage of digital printing is that it is easy to print images onto promotional items to exactly match your other print media used throughout for your whole marketing campaign.

Laser engraving

A high powered laser melts the surface of the body in an extremely precise way that enables very fine details in logo and branding messages in small font sizes. For metal the logo can appear lighter than the metal or darker depending on whether the light is glancing off the metal. Laser engraving is also used on wood where it darkens the surface by localised burning.

The technology behind power banks

What does mAh mean?

mAh is milliamp hours which is the amount of electrical charge that can be stored in a power bank or rechargeable battery.

  • milli means "one thousandth of".
  • A means Ampere and it is the unit for the amount of electrical current which is another way of saying the charge that flows per second. The charging current is controlled so that it flows at a rate that moves the charge efficiently, not too fast.
  • h means hour. So you have a rate of flow over a period of time and that gives the amount of charge.

How many mAh do you need?

For promotional giveaways you are probably focusing on a lower price for something light to slip into goodie bags for conferences and events such as trade shows, so a smaller capacity of 2200mAh or 2600mAh would be ideal. That should enable about 1 to 1.5 charges of a smartphone, depending on various conditions like temperature and model of the mobile phone.

Our cheap power banks are a very popular modern giveaway for your business prospects and existing clients and our price includes the logo printed to promote your brand. They are ideal as promo gifts for marketing at advertising fairs and conferences since attendees are likely to fear their smartphone batteries dying on them. You'll get brand awareness in a group setting.

For corporate gifts for your valued customers and clients you would probably choose a larger mAh size depending on how important the development of your business relationship is and we have a huge range to choose from with some very impressive looking models that mimick modern smartphones in appearance. An exception to that size rule is the small Crystal smartphone chargers which look gorgeous yet begins at 2000mAh (going up to 5000mAh). If you really want your brand impression to carry weight for those special clients then the wow factor of the bigger version BP1983 Crystal charger goes from 6000mAh to a huge 10000mAh which can charge a smartphone and tablet simultaneously.

For employees on the move these larger capacity devices will be very much part of your corporate technology where your logo identifies that it's your property. That's particularly useful when issuing them with high value large capacity chargers for bigger devices like tablets and laptops.

Our range of mAh ratings reaches up to the very large capacites that are suitable for bigger devices like iPads and tablets.

Lithium Ion (li-ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer)?

There is a common form of low cost Lithium Ion cell called a 18650 which is finds its way into power banks used as promo items probably because, being used in laptop batteries for many years they are produced in large enough numbers to be available at a low price. That's why cylinder power banks and the long square section shapes are the cheapest.

The single cell type usually has a charge capacity of 2200mAh which is fine as an emergency back up charger for mobile phones. This is a single cylindrical cell like a typical battery and is the kind you are likely to find in the lipstick power bank format. These cells can be combined to give higher ratings but in multiples of 2200mAh such as 4400mAh. Often a battery in a small laptop will contain two of these cells and will store 4400mAh so that gives you an idea of the amount of power available.

The lithium polymer version is versatile because it can be made into many shapes and that makes them suitable for flat style power banks with similar dimensions to a mobile phone. However lithium polymer cells are more expensive than Lithium Ion.

Li-Polymer cells are more durable and hold their charge better than Lithium Ion so they are better for corporate use to be issued to employees and staff on the move.