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Branded Power Banks Logo Printed for Promotional Gifts.

Promotional Power Banks

Promotional power banks are portable rechargeable battery packs for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and we have a great selection for you to choose from. We offer a great choice of branded portable phone chargers for mobiles, tablets and laptops, for buying in bulk and printed with your company logo.

Branded power banks are occasionally called power block chargers, power sticks or charging sticks and they are exceedingly popular as phone chargers.

The full range of logo print options are available from economical pad printing to full colour digital print on power banks with large flat surfaces and some of the latest models light up with LEDs behind the logo or the design.

Printed power banks or powerbanks make an extremely popular promotional giveaway for business prospects, clients and employees. They are versatile as corporate gifts because they can be used with a variety of portable devices and with their included mini universal cables with iPhone and mini USB connectors they are especially useful as mobile phone chargers.

Usually they include Micro USB connectors and often adaptor cables to connect to specific smartphone types like iPhone and Samsung.

They have a USB power connector and usually a mini USB output that you would connect using the USB charging cable supplied with your phone and some come with connector adaptor cables for all device types and that makes your promotional item popular with everyone.

Value Range Best Sellers, 15 Working Days

  • Best Seller

    Powerbank Charger

    Powerbank Charger CPB03

    A metal branded powerbank charger in 6 standard colours with logo printing in either 2 spot colours or full colour.

    Minimum order 100


  • Credit Card

    Power Bank Credit Card

    Power Bank Credit Card BP04

    This top quality slim power bank is credit card sized and can be printed in full colour with graphics. Features a pull-out Lightning connector.

    Logo print dimensions: 95 x 60mm

    Minimum order 50


  • Keychain Keyring

    Power Bank Keychain Keyring Charger

    Printed Power Banks with Keyrings CPB06

    Plastic 2200mAh or 2600mAh capacity promotional power banks in six standard body colours in a matt finish with logo in 2 spot colours or full colour print.

    Minimum order 50


  • Lipstick

    Power Bank Lipstick Charger

    Power Bank Lipstick Charger CPB13

    2200mAh or 2600mAh promotional power stick with transparent plastic casing for printing on the outer surface or on a paper sleeve within.

    Minimum order 50

    2200mAh, 2600mAh

Compare Popular Power Banks

  • Thin

    Thin Power Banks

    Thin Logo Power Banks MK018

    Probably the thinnest power bank around, only 8mm thick with a large brand customisation area for Silk-screen, CMYK and full colour digital print.

    Front logo 95 x 53mm

    Rear logo 111 x 53mm

    Minimum order 50


  • Tile

    Tile Power Banks

    Tile Customised Power Banks MK011

    Clean minimalist tile shape custom logo power banks with a large print area. Pantone matched or one of 4 standard colours customised on both sides with silk screen or CMYK printing.

    With print Silk-screen, CMYK

    Front logo 105 x 35mm

    Rear logo 107 x 38mm

    Minimum order 50


  • Crystal

    Crystal Power Bank LED BP5000

    Crystal Power Bank LED BP5000

    Power banks as pretty as iPhones. In black or white your logo can either be engraved to allow a range of LED colours to shine through or with full colour print. Lithium Polymer in four capacities.

    Full colour print or engraved for a range of LED colours

    logo area 89 x 59mm

    Minimum order 50

    2000, 3000, 4000, 5000mAh

  • Sharp

    Power Bank Charger Sharp

    Branded Power Bank Chargers MK012

    Flat rectangular metal power banks with 4000mAh capacity for large-size logos or graphics customised on both sides using silk-screen printing or laser engraving.

    Silk-screen printing, laser engraving

    Logo area 105 x 56mm on two sides

    Minimum order 50


  • Chunk

    8000mAh Chunk Power Banks

    8000mAh Chunk Power Banks MK013

    Polished metal company branded power banks with a sophisticated, elegant light satin finish in gold, silver or black as standard, extensive print surface for company logo printing or laser engraving both sides.

    Silk-screen printing, laser engraved

    108 x 56mm logo both sides

    Minimum order 50


  • Curve

    Curve Power Banks

    Curve Power Banks MK037

    An award winning design of power bank with huge capacities of 6000mAh to 10400mAh. Plastic rubberised look body with a polished metal band in gold, silver or copper colours.

    Silk-screen and CMYK logo print

    79 x 56mm branding both sides

    Minimum order 50

    6000 to 10400mAh

  • NEW - Motion LED Logo

    Power Banks with Motion Activated LED Logo

    Power Banks with Motion Activated LED Logo MK058

    There is a motion sensor in these power banks that activates your bright LED logo when shaken slightly or when charging or connected to an energy source. The LED light is available in five colours.

    Minimum order 100

    4000 to 8000mAh

  • NEW - Pocket Power

    Pocket Power Banks

    Pocket Power Banks MK059

    Super small logo printed power bank with four-colour logos and graphics, a lightning connector with built-in micro USB adaptor, loops to attach the power bank to a keychain or other accessories.

    Minimum order 100


  • NEW - Motion LED Logo

    Power Banks with Movement Activated LED Logo

    Power Banks with Movement Activated LED Logo MK060

    These power banks have a backlit LED brand name and graphics fired up by a motion sensor that activates when moved, is charging or is connected to an energy source. 2 USB ports and micro USB and lightning ports. 4000mAh, 5000mAh & 6000mAh.

    Minimum order 100

    4000 to 6000mAh

  • NEW - High-Gloss Logo Graphic

    Tempered Glass Power Bank

    Tempered Glass Power Bank MK061

    A dual output corporate power bank with a dramatic high-gloss finish logo and graphic over a large 131 x 65mm area covered in tempered glass which dramatically emphasises four-colour graphics giving it a glossy elegant look.

    Minimum order 100

    4000, 5000mAh

  • NEW - High Charge Capacity

    High Charge Capacity Power Bank

    High Charge Capacity Power Bank MK062

    From 12,000mAh to a massive 24,000mAh capacity these promotional power banks have print on both sides with (serigraphy) silk-screen printing or laser engraving over a large area of 154 x 53mm.

    Colours: Black, Glazed Silver, Glazed Gold.

    Minimum order 50

    12000 to 24000mAh

  • Disk

    Disk Power Bank

    Disk LED Power Bank BP042

    These power bank chargers are thin with unique circular design with large area logo print up to full colour or LED illuminated logo, the Disk model is available in 2000mAh and 3000mAh packaged in a stunning Crystal Case.

    82mm diameter logo

    Pad printing up to full colour

    LED lighting logo

    Minimum order 50

    2200, 3000mAh

  • Credit Card Torch

    Credit Card Torch Power Bank

    Credit Card Torch Power Bank BP932

    These credit card sized power banks have an inbuilt torch. Compact with full area printing for perfect branding up to full colour. Available in three charging capacities.

    Printed up to full colour

    Minimum order 100

    1000, 2000, 3000mAh

  • Mega Crystal LED light

    Crystal Power Bank Charger 6000mAh to 10000mAh

    Crystal power bank charger 6000mAh to 10000mAh BP1983

    The gorgeous Crystal power bank has copius charge from 6000mAh to an impressive 10,000mAh with your logo in full colour print and protected by a clear crystal plate. The engraved option allows LED light to glow when charging.

    Engraved or full colour print

    Logo area 120mm x 70mm

    6000 - 10000mAh

  • Lanyard

    Lanyard Power Bank

    Lanyard Power Bank BP2113

    Pure genius to combine a branded portable phone charger with a lanyard so that a full colour insert or business card can slide into it. Optional LED illuminated back-light.

    Your company logo can be LED light, pad print, full colour print, full colour print + LED lighting

    500 qty 3000mAh guide £10.75

    Minimum order 100

    3000 to 6000mAh

  • Smartphone

    Smartphone Charger

    Smartphone Charger BP923

    A branded portable phone charger with whole surface full colour print and charge capacities of 4000mAh, 5000mAh or 6000mAh with the 142.2 x 74mm dimensions of the latest smartphones.

    Print area 142.2 x 74mm

    Minimum order 50

    4000mAh to 6000mAh

  • LED Lamp

    LED Lamp Power Bank

    LED Lamp Power Bank BP1781

    A promotional power bank charger that doubles up as a LED reading lamp or emergency light. Choose a charge capacity from 6000mAh to a massive 12000mAh.

    Pad or full colour print

    Minimum order 50

    2000mAh to 10000mAh

  • Advertising Station

    Advertising Power Station

    Advertising Station with Power Bank BP2133

    Custom power banks that serve as LED illuminated advertising panels for desk top or counter top. Choose a charge capacity from 2000mAh to a massive 20000mAh.

    Three sizes of Ad display

    Logo Print: LED light, pad print, full colour

    Minimum order 50

    6000mAh to 12000mAh

  • Flat Square

    Flat Square Power Bank

    Flat Square Power Bank BP2149

    Brand the full area of these neat 80mm square full colour promotional power banks in a range of capacities from 2000mAh to 5000mAh. Different body colours available.

    Minimum order 100

    2000mAh to 5000mAh

  • Flat Square Wireless

    Flat Square Wireless Mobile Charger

    Flat Square Wireless Mobile Charger BP2189

    A promo power bank with full colour logo print the whole top surface of this 80mm square QI wireless mobile charger.

    80 x 80mm logo area

    Pad printed or full colour

    Minimum order 100

    QI Wireless

  • Polymer

    Portable Chargers Polymer

    Branded Portable Phone Chargers BP826

    This promotional power bank charger uses lithium polymer cells which allow a thin profile giving this model a slender rounded shape. Storage capacity from 4000mAh up to a capacious 10000mAh.

    Promotional Digital full colour print, offset, silk screen

    Minimum order 50

    4000 - 10000mAh

  • Bamboo Wireless

    Bamboo Wireless Charger

    Bamboo Wireless Charger MKW05

    This power bank has a real bamboo shell and a round base with a micro USB port and the top surface can be have your logo applied via laser engraving or silk-screen printing over a generous area of 80mm diameter.

    Digital full colour print, offset, silk screen

    Minimum order 50

    Bamboo Induction Charger

  • Wireless QI

    Wireless Power Bank QI Chargers

    Wireless Power Bank QI Chargers BP2157

    An Express delivery smartphone charger with a 5000mAh capacity storage with your logo in full colour on the top surface that has a 96mm diameter.

    Logo Printing: Full Colour or LED Engraved

    Print area: 96mm diameter

    Minimum order 50

    5000mAh Wireless

  • QI Wireless

    QI Wireless Chargers Pulse

    QI Wireless Chargers Pulse BP2155

    A low cost but excellent quality mobile phone battery charger with 96mm diameter logo print area that include LED printing.

    Promotional Logo: Silk-screen, CMYK printing, LED printing.

    Print area: 96mm diameter

    Minimum order 100

    Induction Charger

  • QI Wireless

    Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh

    Wireless Power Bank 8000mAh WL005

    Branded mobile phone chargers logoed using 1-5 spot colour or full colour on both the front and rear. The 8000mAh version comes in black or white body colours with silver or gold coloured trim.

    Logo Printing: 1-5 Spot Colour, Full Colour

    Company Logo Area: 143 x 55mm

    Minimum order 50

  • Grip

    Grip Power Banks

    Logo Power Banks with Suckers MK035

    This power bank promotional item is a 4400mAh portable charger with rubber suckers to grip your phone or device to charge. Silk-screen printed or laser engraved with your logo for a cool corporate gift.

    Promotional Logo: Silk-screen Print, Laser Engraving

    Print area: 81 x 37mm

    Minimum order 50


  • Wood

    Wood Power Banks

    Wood Power Banks MK034

    With these wooden power banks your logo can be silk-screen printing or embossed in relief over four sides 80 x 14mm. A power bank with a wooden body in walnut, maple or bamboo, and gun-barrel metal finishes each end.

    Promotional Printing: Silk-screen, Embossing

    80 x 14mm branding on four sides

    Minimum order 50

    1800 - 3000mAh

  • Belt

    Power Banks 4400mAh

    Power Banks 4400mAh Belt MK025

    Printed power banks in rubberised look plastic with rectangular base and square-cut edges. A polished metal band at the base in three finishes: gold, gun-barrel or copper.

    Custom Logo: Silk-screen Printing, CMYK printing

    Print area: 80 x 36mm on two sides

    Minimum order 50


  • Bamboo

    Bamboo Rectangular 4000mAh Power Banks

    Bamboo Rectangular 4000mAh Power Banks MK040

    A rectangular 4400mAh branded power bank charger with rounded corners entirely covered in bamboo with a surface customised with silk-screen printing or laser-engraved graphics or logos. Compact with a clean shape enhanced by the natural colour of wood.

    Logo Front: 123 x 64mm, Silk-screen printing, embossing

    Logo Back: 105 x 46mm, Silk-screen printing, Laser Engraving

    Minimum order 50


  • Square Bamboo

    Square Bamboo Power Banks

    Square Bamboo Power Banks MK041

    Square format promotional portable charger with rounded corners covered in bamboo. Compact 76mm square only 2cm thick with four battery sizes from 4000mAh to 6000mAh with silk-screen printing or laser-engraved graphics or logos.

    Logo Front: 74 x 74mm, Silk-screen printing, embossing

    Logo Back: 55 x 55mm, Silk-screen printing, Laser Engraving

    4000 - 6000mAh

  • Lipstick Charger Logo Printed

    Lipstick Charger Logo Printed PXK741

    2200, 2600 or 3000mAh

  • External Charger Battery Promotional Gift

    External Charger Battery PXK742


  • Branded Phone Chargers Light 3600mAh

    Branded Phone Chargers with Light 3600mAh PXK781


  • External Battery Branded Gift 8000mAh

    8000mAh Power Bank Chargers PXK783


  • Emergency Battery Phone Charger

    Custom Portable Phone Charger PXK789


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