Crazy Dave Power Banks

Power banks are portable rechargeable battery packs and we have a great selection for you to choose from. We offer the most comprehensive choice of portable chargers for mobile devices, for buying in bulk and optionally printed with your business logo. These promotional power banks are occasionally called power block chargers, power sticks or charging sticks they are exceedingly popular branded phone chargers.

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The Popular Range

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  • For 2018 QI wireless charging technology is tipped to become the big thing in promotional gifts and its only natural that power banks be equipped for wireless.

  • We have a new wireless charging section

    Wireless chargers are very impressive as promotional products and with their large logo print area they look amazing, especial with LED printing.
    Worth a look!

Xoopar Lighting Power Banks and Charging Gadgets

The famous Xoopar retail brand is available as logo branded promotional gifts. Instead of the illuminated Xoopar logo in these examples your own logo appears lit up with LED light. Xoopar Squid power banks have soft suckers to conveniently attach to mobile phones.

  • Xoopar Squid Mini 4000mAh

    Xoopar Squid Mini 4000mAh XOP3139


    The famous high quality Xoopar retail brand with your own illuminated company logo replacing Xoopar on this sucker-cup Squid 4000mAh power bank. Colours: Black, Sliver, Gold, Red.

    500 qty guide £15.95 each


  • Xoopar Squid Max 7500mah

    Xoopar Squid Max 7500mah XOP3148


    A high quality 7500mAh promotional power bank made by Xoopar with your company logo lit up. Premium Quality suckers stick to your mobile phone. Colours: Black, Sliver, Gold, Red.

    500 qty guide £23.45 each


  • Xoopar Squid Max 2500mah

    Xoopar Squid Max 2500mah XOP3155


    Finger size 2500mAh Grade A Li-ion promotional power bank from the high quality Xoopar brand with your own illuminated company logo LED Logo 60 x 15mm or doming 80 x 20mm, smart suction cups and ergonomical design.

    500 qty guide £13.95 each


  • Xoopar Squid Bubble Bang 5000mah

    Xoopar Squid Bubble Bang 5000mah XOP3162


    A powerful 5000mAh portable power bank for smartphones and tablets with your own logo illuminated. Between the suction cups there are built-in removable connecting cables for most phones.

    500 qty guide £21.95 each


  • Xoopar Hug Booster with Illuminate Logo

    Xoopar Hug Booster with Illuminated Logo XOP3165


    A handy 500mAh charge capacity that gives an emergency boost for smartphones. This branded power bank with LED light or engraved logo, weighs only 30g so it fits a key fob, handy to take anywhere.

    500 qty guide £10.75 each


  • Xoopar Hug Booster with Illuminate Logo

    Xoopar Geo Power Bank 4000mAh Portable Charger XOP3171


    This 4000mAh logo branded power bank is quite unique with its striking LED and beautiful skeleton light through its geodesic illuminated lines. Light colours: white, blue, red, green, orange.

    500 qty guide £16.25 each


  • Xoopar Hug Booster with Illuminate Logo

    Xoopar USB Powered Battery Charger Kangaroo XOP3190


    Charge your AA or AAA rechargeable batteries from a USB port with this Xoopar Kangaroo promotional battery charger with your own light-up LED logo. The batteries are neatly hidden with so you can keep your desk tidy whilst your company logo shines out.

    500 qty guide £8.55 each

  • Xoopar Hug Booster with Illuminate Logo

    Xoopar Punchbox Bluetooth Speaker Power Bank XOP3195


    Bluetooth wireless technology is used for this powerful speaker with hands-free speakerphone that produces superior stereo sound with rich base and a built-in power bank rechargeable battery charges your mobile phone.

    500 qty guide £36.25 each

Express Power Banks 3-5 working days.

We stock plenty of these Express Power Banks in the UK so we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to UPS being able to support next day delivery to your location). We ship globally.

12 to 15 Working Days with 7 Working Day Express Option

New Power Range

The New Power Range is a family of matching promotional gifts that includes a hub and device charging accessories. Some are very novel because they light up when connected and they show off your brand more effectively.

Custom Shaped Power Banks

Custom means Bespoke. Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a power bank. What's your shape?

  • Custom Power Bank Selection
  • Branded & Promotional Power Bank & Mobile Phone Portable Chargers Logo Printed

    Branded & Promotional Power Bank & Mobile Phone Portable Chargers Logo Printed