Branded Power Banks are smart Promotional Products.

We are the most comprehensive supplier of branded power bank portable chargers for mobile devices, for buying in bulk and optionally printed with your logo or campaign message. These power banks (occasionally called Power Block Chargers, Power Sticks or Charging Sticks) are exceedingly popular as branded phone chargers.

Travel Adaptors + USB Chargers

Mains USB Chargers?

Please see our USB Charger section where we have a great selection.

The power back-up for mobile devices.

The Power Bank or Powerbank is a portable charger for your phone. It's the new and extremely popular giveaway for branded and promotional gifts, logo printed for clients, employees & colleagues. They are versatile as promotional gifts because they can be used with a variety of portable devices especially useful as mobile phone chargers.

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Too many variables? When it all seems a bit overwelming and you don't know what to go for please skip down to
Crazy Dave's Ultimate Guide to Power Banks.

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Price Volatility

Our prices provide a good guide so you know how products compare with each other. Prices change so often that we say please always enquire. Each product page has an enquiry form so please click through.

Power banks including 24 hour & 48 hour delivery express options

We stock lots of these Express Power Banks in the UK so we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to UPS being able to support next day delivery to your location). We ship globally.

24 Hour Express
Express Bulk Power Banks
Express Bulk Power Banks CPB03E100 qty guide £4.95 each
24 Hour Express
Express Power Bank Keyring
Express Power Bank Keyring CPB06E100 qty guide £4.19 each
24 Hour Express
Power Bank Credit Card
Power Bank Credit Card DPB04100 qty guide £5.95 each
24 Hour Express
Express Logo Printed Power Bank
Express Logo Printed Power Bank PBU72100 qty guide £5.95 each
24 Hour Express
4000mAh or 8000mAh
Express Branded Power Bank Slab
Express Branded Power Bank Slab PBU99100 qty guide £8.75 each
24 Hour Express
2200mAh or 2600mAh
Illuminated Trim Power Bank
Illuminated Trim Power Bank PBU10100 qty guide £4.95 each
24 Hour Express
Illuminated Trim Multi Charging Cable
Illuminated Trim Multi Charging Cable PBU09100 qty guide £3.95 each
24 Hour Express
Logo Printed Charging Cable Retractable
Logo Printed Charging Cable Retractable PBU03100 qty guide £3.49 each
24 Hour Express
Bluetooth Speaker Illuminated Trim
Bluetooth Speaker Illuminated Trim PBU08100 qty guide £8.75 each

Newest to our range

Thin Promotional Power Banks MK9181000 qty guide £5.25 eachExpress 120 hours
White Tile Express Power Banks MK9111000 qty guide £4.95 eachExpress 120 hours

Value Range Best Sellers, 15 Working Days

Value Range, 15 Working Days

3 & 6 Working Day Printed Express Range

12 to 15 Working Days with 7 Working Day Express Option

10 - 15 Working Days (7 days optional)

Mid Price Range

Executive Range - quality items.

New Power Range

The New Power Range is a family of matching promotional gifts that includes a hub and device charging accessories. Some are very novel because they light up when connected and they show off your brand more effectively.

Custom Shaped Power Banks

Custom means Bespoke. Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a power bank. What's your shape?

Custom Power Bank Selection



Crazy Dave's Ultimate Guide to Power Banks

Phones get faster every year and the more powerful they become, the more battery life they require. Same goes for tablets and other portable devices. We all want better phone battery life but until phone makers get their act together and start producing batteries that can keep everything going for longer, we have to rely on being able to charge them every so often.

Power Banks are often described as ‘life-savers’ because thanks to them we can send that text to our mums or email our work or share a photo with friends. Power banks come in many different shapes and forms with different battery packs, fuel banks and number of USB ports. But whatever the add-ons, they all do the same thing: CHARGE YOUR PHONE OR TABLET WITHOUT NEEDING A POWER OUTLET! Here is Crazy Dave’s ultimate guide to choosing the right Power Bank for your needs.


Let’s start by choosing the size of your power bank. This is not about slipping it into your pocket or purse…it’s about the power inside. The power of the power bank is usually given in milliamp-hour (mAh). Common sizes range from 2,000mAh to 10,000mAh - bigger the number, more recharges it gives.

We’ve used smartphones and tablets to compare battery sizes recharges but power banks also charge e-readers, cameras or Bluetooth handset- anything with USB!

1 2500mAh
Crazy Dave's pick
Power Bank Lipstick Charger CPB13

Prices from £3.50
(minimum 50 order)
  • Gives a smartphone a battery boost in an emergency
  • Not recommended to charge a tablet.

Stylish, compact, portable and fashionable design with intelligent MCU controller. Intelligent multi-protection circuits to protect against over-charge, over-discharge, over-load and shortage.

2 6000mAh
Crazy Dave's pick
Lanyard Power Bank BP2113

Prices from £19.95
(minimum 100 order)
  • A 6,000mAh can charge a smartphone 3x before needing a recharge
  • Charge a tablet 1.5x before needing a recharge

A pure genius design that combines a flat power bank with a lanyard so that a promotional full colour insert or business card can slide into it! Comes with an option to illuminate the printed label with LED light from within.

3 10000mAh
Crazy Dave's pick
Promotional Portable Chargers Polymer BP826

Prices from £23.95
(minimum 50 order)
  • Can charge smartphone 4x before needing a recharge
  • Charge a tablet 2.5x before needing a recharge

Slim and elegant these portable chargers use lithium polymer cells which allow a thin profile giving this model a slender rounded shape. Stylish and impressive makes a fantastic corporate gift.


A matter of how many devices you need to charge at a time ...

1 USB Port
Crazy Dave's pick
Illuminated Trim Power Bank PBU10

Prices from £3.35
(minimum order 25)
  • One USB port allows you to charge a single device.

This high quality power bank with a Samsung 2600mAh battery has a premium look and feel. It also illuminates once charged - matching the colour of your logo.

2 USB Ports
Crazy Dave's pick
Curve Branded Power Banks MK037

Prices from £7.95
(minimum order 50)
  • Allows two items to be charged at the same time.

This device received the Silver A'Design Award 2016 in the Electronic Devices category for its creative design and stylistic product interpretation.


Some of us are more organised than others ... but not to worry as we now have express delivery 24/48 Hour range available. Lots of these Express Power Banks are stocked in the UK and we can print them and get them to you the very next business day (so long as you get your order in early enough subject to UPS being able to support next day delivery to your location). Check out Crazy Dave’s choices!

1 Delivery Time 24 / 48 hours
Crazy Dave's pick
Power Bank Credit Card DPB04

Prices from £4.25
(minimum order 25)
  • This top quality credit card sized power bank can be printed in full colour
  • Small and convenient
  • Quality Lithium-ion polymer battery with a 2500mAh capacity, enough to fully recharge your smartphone
1 Delivery Time 3 - 6 days
Crazy Dave's pick
Promotional Power Charger SPP106

Prices from £6.71
(minimum order 50)
  • A designer style portable power charger with emergency flashlight built in
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • Capable of providing two full charges to most smartphones
  • Supplied with a Micro SD-USB cable to recharge via USB port or through mains adaptor
3 Delivery Time 7 or 10-15 days
Crazy Dave's pick
Colour Power Bank Travelling Kit CPX796

Prices from £10.55
(minimum order 50)
  • This set brings together everything to charge your devices when travelling
  • A USB Car Charger
  • A media support for your smartphone
  • A pair of extra headphones
  • A universal charging cable
  • A 3-in-1 smart Stylus, that it is also a pen and an extra phone rest
3 Delivery Time 15 days
Crazy Dave's pick
Wooden Cuboid Power Bank Bulk CPB356

Prices from £4.55
(minimum order 50)
  • Wooden Power Banks in a range of colours from beech to black
  • 2200 mAh battery capacity
  • Logo Print Area 80 x 10mm
  • Comes in a windowed cardboard box that can be logo printed
  • Optional gift box

And also ...

And ...Bespoke Custom Shapes
Custom Power Bank Selection
  • Send us your shape and we'll turn it into a power bank
  • Lead time is about 3-4 weeks from approval of artwork
  • Ask Crazy Dave for a quote!

More on power banks ....

Logo Branded Chargers for your phone.

You know how dependent we are on mobile phones and portable devices? Imagine you are transfixed to something entertaining or crucial for your business and the battery runs out! "Has anyone got a Powerbank?" When your phone dies you are not hopelessly lost because the power bank comes to the rescue.

It won't be long before this becomes the most popular branded gift to receive. Since they can provide power by plugging into so many portable devices you know they will find a home and be used continuously. Your brand name and logo will seen.

The power bank is a rechargeable Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery in a sealed case and they are rated in mAh (milliamp hours), just like the battery in your cellphone. Some come with LED torches and others are like lipstick cases.

The portable phone charger.

They make great portable chargers for all cell phones including the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. These external battery phone chargers have a USB power connector and usually a mini USB output that you would connect using the USB charging cable supplied with your phone.

Travellers need power banks.

Did you see that item on the news about airport security wanting to check that mobile phones had enough charge in them otherwise they would confiscate them for security reasons? So now all travellers need an emergency phone charger!

So if you need to use your mobile phone before a flight you can boost its charge with a portable power bank to ensure you don't lose your phone.

What is mAh?

mAh is milliamp hours and is a measure of the amount of electrical charge that can be stored in a power bank.

  • milli means "one thousandth of".
  • A means Ampere and it is the unit for the amount of electrical current which is another way of saying the charge that flows per second. The charging current is controlled so that it flows at a rate that moves the charge efficiently, not too fast.
  • h means hour. A or mA is a rate of flow so to get the charge you have to consider the time it is allowed to flow for.

How many mAh for promotional power banks?

For corporate gifts and promotional power banks you are probably focussing on a lower price and a smaller capacity promotional power bank of 2200mAh or 2600mAh would be ideal. That should enable about 1 to 1.5 charges of an iPhone, depending on various conditions like temperature and model of the mobile phone.

We have a range of mAh ratings and the larger capacites are suitable for bigger devices like iPads and tablets.

Lithium Ion (li-ion) or Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer)?

There is a common form of low cost Lithium Ion cell called a 18650 which is finds its way into power banks used as promotional items printed with a logo.

The single cell usually has a charge capacity of 2200mAh which is fine as an emergency back up charger for mobile phones. This is a single cylindrical cell like a typical battery and is the kind you are likely to find in the lipstick power bank format. These cells can be combined to give power banks of higher ratings but in multiples of 2200mAh such as 4400mAh.

The lithium polymer version is versatile because it can be made into many shapes and that makes them suitable for flat style power banks with similar dimensions to a mobile phone. However lithium polymer cells are more expensive than Lithium Ion. That's why cylinder power banks tend to be cheaper.

Li-Polymer cells are more durable and hold their charge better than Lithium Ion so they are better as a corporate power banks to be issued to employees and staff on the move.

Charge indicators

Many models have led indicators that indicate the state of the power bank's charge. For example one colour indicates it contains an adequate amount of charge and red would mean it needs recharging. Whilst re-charging the power bank one colour would mean it is still charging and another indicates charging has finished and ready to go.

A quick question for you!

Now that you know all about power banks, was there anything there worth sharing?

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