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Branded iPad Stylus Pen TPC40

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  • Branded iPad Stylus Pen attached to iPad

    Branded iPad Stylus Pen

  • Branded iPad Stylus Pen stylus and pen tips

    Branded iPad Stylus Pen

  • Branded iPad Stylus Pen engraved with logo

    Branded iPad Stylus Pen

  • Branded iPad Stylus Pen plain

    Branded iPad Stylus Pen

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The Carbon Fibre Soft Stylus Pen

This lightweight carbon fibre pen is a touch stylus and ball point for any touch pad device including smart phones.

A twist-action carbon fibre barrel with soft stylus. The black top barrel is undercoated chrome and shows a mirror chrome finish when engraved. Pantone matching from only 1000 pieces.

The touch stylus pen not only for iPad.

Works on any capacitive touch screen including iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire...

Have your custom logo printed on this combination of a stylish pen with a capacitive stylus for a tablet computer like an iPad or smartphone / iPhone. You can use it to write or touch.

It is good for other devices!

This is a capacitive stylus and it is perfectly suited to any device with a capacitive touch screen and that means iPod, iPhone, Android phone, PDA and Android tablet computers.

Prices Include:

Prices include a one colour print in one position.

Product Code:TPC40
Engrave area:30 x 7mm
Materials:Carbon fibre
Lead time:7-10 days delivery
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Pens without Stylus?

We also supply Promotional Pens without stylus tips. Many of our stylus pens are available without stylus tips so please ask Crazy Dave for prices.

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