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Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes customised with your company logo printed.

It's a compulsive must-have

Fidget Spinners are a must-have for customers of all ages. Forbes voted this incredibly popular fidget accessory one of the best office pastimes for 2017.

It's trending, big time.

Some on the top trending videos on YouTube show techniques for being cool with a fidget spinner. This toy has captured the attention of the USA and the UK in a way that the multi-billion toy business has not seen for decades. For the UK and Europe your company logo can be the first to be seen on the hottest trending geek gadget.

The round central body has a steel ball bearing with very little friction at each end which acts as a counterweight during spinning, increasing inertia and allows spinning for minutes at a time. The gyro effect of the spinning gives it a spooky stability that allows you to balance it on your finger and if you are really cool you can throw from one hand to the next.

Hold the centre between two fingers and flick one of the prongs towards to the right or left and fascinate at how long it spins.

Desperate to be part of the latest trend?

Seriously, ask the kids. Walk into any classroom or check out the best selling toys on Amazon: the top 20 are ALL fidget spinners (May 2017).

Branded Fidget Search Trend

The spinning fidget has three prongs with a central pivot that can be customised with your company logo in silk-screen or CMYK printing and it is available in 6 standard colours of your choice of Pantone.

Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes

Branded Fidget Spinners & Cubes

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