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We are a supplier of promotional products, corporate gifts and logo printed merchandise for business gifts and event giveaways. Favourite promotional goods are branded power banks and we have a massive selection.

We love promotional gadgets for use as tech giveaways and we are always thinking of new corporate gift ideas. As an expert UK based promotional merchandise company we supply worldwide.

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Logo branding print methods

Spot colour printing or solid colour.

Spot print, white on textured black paint.

Spot print, white on textured black paint.

An ink is made up to the colour you require and it is applied to the body of the promotional product. The method of applying the ink is often using offset litho which means the ink is applied to a metal plate, then transfered to a rubber roller which is rolled over the item.

That's the simplest and cheapest method for applying one standard colour from a stock range. If you would like more than one colour the process is repeated with a different coloured ink and it for spot colour printing to allow up to four colours.

In this example we see a single white solid ink printed onto the body of a cylindrical power bank that has been painted black with a texture paint. Simple but effective.

Pantone solid colour logo printing.

Spot colour solid printing can use Pantone colours to match your business logo. In this case your colour choice is made into an ink which is made up from Pantone inks and the solid colour print method is used.

Four colour print process (CMYK), process colours, 4/c process.

When tiny dots of cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined next to each other the eye is fooled into seeing other colours.

By varying the percentage of each of those colours, thousands of colours can be produced and this method is suitable for reproducing photographs or photorealistic and sophisticated logos without the expense of more than four printing plates.

Pad printing or tampo printing

Pad printing is the method of applying inks to the body of the branded product. Sometimes the offset litho method does not work especially when the body has a curved surface.

Pad printing overcomes this applying the spot colour or four colour process inks from a sponge pad that moves over the curved surface whilst keeping in contact.

Full colour digital printing

Full colour digital printed power bank Crowdmix.

Full colour digital print on a textured metal surface

Full colour digital printed power bank Australia Events Business.

Full colour digital printed product with a multi coloured logo.

Full colour digital printing is a modern and versatile method of applying ink without transferring from an intermediate surface like a roller or plate. The colours are richer than with the more labourious CMYK Pad Printing and photorealistic images allow great detail for complex corporate logos.

Full colour digital printing is 4 Colour Digital Printing Process or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) using ink jet technology plus UV curing (ultra violet light) that is so accurate that single droplets of different colour inks a tenth of a millimetre in diameter can be printed directly on top of another. Millions of colour shades can be printed in one process and the UV curing process fixes the ink so that there's no drying time and no need for a protective laminate.

A big advantage of digital printing is that it is easy to print on your power banks images that exactly match your other print media used throughout for your whole promotional campaign.

In the examples on the right the speckling effect is made striking by the textured silver metal of the power bank.

Laser engraving

A high powered laser melts the surface of the product in an extremely precise way that enables very fine details in logo and branding messages in small font sizes. For metal the logo can appear lighter than the metal or darker depending on whether the light is glancing off the metal. Laser engraving is also used on wood where it darkens the surface by localised burning.

Laser engraved power bank with a crisp small font.

Laser engraved metal product with a crisp small font.

Powerbank laser engraved onto a wooden power bank.

Laser engraved logo on a wooden promotional product.