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We are a supplier of promotional products, corporate gifts and logo printed merchandise for business gifts and event giveaways. Favourite promotional items are Power Banks and branded usb sticks and we have a massive selection. We love promotional gadgets for use as tech giveaways and we are always thinking of new corporate gift ideas. As an expert UK based promotional merchandise company we supply worldwide.

Crazy Dave loves cool tech giveaways

Our product selector, Crazy Dave's favourite promotional items are tech giveaways that are logo printed for corporate gifts. Here you'll find the best tech swag for 2017 exhibitions and conferences.

Branded USB to Crazy Dave

New Domain Name - 2017 Rebrand

In January 2017 Branded USB Promo rebranded as Crazy Dave Promo to reflect the expanding range of promotional products. Same great service and of course always rootin' for the best price.

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Our prices provide a good guide so you know how products compare with each other. Prices change so often that we say please always enquire. Each product page has an enquiry form so please click through.

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Power Banks, Mobile Phone Accessories and technology promotional gifts

Amongst our favorite bulk supplies are hi-tech promotional items like Mobile Phone accessories and not forgetting the incredibly useful Promotional Power Banks for charging mobile devices on the go.

The price includes printing your own logo or advertising campaign message and for Branded USB sticks, pre-loading with your promotional material. Our prices are very competitive. So test our famous customer service.

Best Tech Swag

As well as tech swag sounding a bit down market for promoting your quality business it also stands for Stuff We All Get. It's hard to tell which came first. Was the word swag in use for branded gifts before some wag dreamt up words to make the acronym?

Our technology promotional items have a range of price and quality so you can choose how good your logo branded offering is and whether you don't mind your marketing investment being referred to as swag.

For the cheaper gifts a lot of customers are aware they have a low monetary value but love them all the same, especially the novelty items. For the more up scale promotional gift the customer feels extra special. Either way the challenge for you in evaluating corporate swag ideas is to judge what it takes make your customer place you in the "companies I love" category.

Promotional gifts provide a treat at tradeshows.

When you want trade show attendees to register their details at your stand a promotional gift that has perceived value is a great incentive. You'll get a bigger footfall too.

The Promotional Products Association International recorded many studies of the positive effects of promotional gifts on a corporate image particularly when given in mailings to trade show and exhibition attendees prior to the show. It makes your stand easy to recognise and increases the number of visits.

They show that greater value products produce more sale leads but we think it is the perceived value that counts so something new like power banks or promotional selfie sticks have significant value.

We recommend you send your promotional USBs to the tradeshow attendees before the trade show takes place. The way they will notice you much more easily. For mailing you might consider the Paper Card style USB flash drives CPX699 which are very new and novel.

Conferences and seminars.

Tell your conference delegates that all your slides and note will be given on a USB flash drive and they can concentrate on your presentation instead of trying to make their own notes. For more info please see Conference USB Drives.

Concerts & festivals

You can put an awful lot of music and video media onto flashdrives and we find bands and concert promoters to be very interested in USB sticks as promotional giveaways that allow festival goers to take their memories away from the gig.

Not a mug.

Hi-tech promotional items like USB memory sticks are so amazingly useful that your customers will take them with them wherever they go and your brand will go with them. A promotional mug will sit on their desk and that's fine too but when did you ever see anybody visit your business brandishing their workplace mug?

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